Welcome to Wellki!Our continuing mission here at Wellki is to provide the best destination on the Web for great health and wellness content. We seek to present useful information in a digestible, user-friendly format that can help individuals of all experience levels with their weight loss and self-improvement goals.

In that spirit, we recently overhauled the site, making wholesale improvements to the design and interface so that you'll be able to navigate, read and interact more easily than ever before. If you haven't already, make sure to bookmark Wellki and spend some time exploring our many features!

Here are a few of the elements we've updated with the new design...

Easy Navigation

Wellki.comWe've trimmed down our menus, so finding the content you want is now as simple as can be. Find the latest articles on our main live feed, or use the top menus to drill down to Fitness, Diets, Recipes and Products. To filter further, you can click on Tags to find stories on specific subjects.

Get Help Quickly

Want to ask us something? The Questions tab in the upper-right corner will get you connected. You can ask our experts for wellness tips, learn more about the site or contact us with any questions or concerns.

Public ProfilePersonalized Profiles

When you create a free account with Wellki, you'll automatically be set up with your own personal profile, where you can add your own picture, cover image and details. You can choose what information you want to share, but just know that there are thousands of other users who are similarly embarking on a path to better living!

Free Karma

Top MembersBeing active in our community pays dividends! By commenting and interacting, you'll boost your Karma score. Great opportunities and benefits will become available to users who maintain a high Karma rating!

Shop On The Go

By clicking the Shop button on the top navigation bar, you can access our new Products area. Here, you'll find in-depth information on of our supplements, which range in function from weight loss to energy to male and female workout boosters. When browsing products, you can add to your cart and check out without ever leaving your current page.

Find Great Recipes

A huge database of healthy and delicious recipes is at your fingertips. Using the Recipes tab, you can filter by diet program, difficulty, cooking method and more. With hundreds of snacks and meals waiting, you'll never be at a loss for low-cal dinner ideas again.