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Are you tired of trendy diet plans or gimmicky counters? The best chance of health success, is information and tools! Access hundreds of diets plans, publications and tips at one spot.

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A Community Approach to Health

We learned early that we could be more successful when we worked together and saught answers from our peers. This included dieting, working out or even skin care. By allowing a community to help you achieve your health goals, you will stay motivated and be accountable.

Diets That Make Sense

Over the years we have seen countless diet fads come and go. Some of these fads actually had good structure or pieces to them that made sense. So why not combine all of the information into a single source and let experts help you understand how you can leverge each diet? Choose protocols that are strict or ones that allow for some flexibility. All that matters is that you get on track and stay healthy.

Fitness Should be Fun

We are all born athletes and what better way to celebrate your birth right then with simple excercises. All levels are welcome at Wellki.com! From very basic information on working out and getting over fears to running 10K races and swimming across channels - we are here to help and encourage your athletic path. Go ahead and get fit!

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Don't you wish you could ask a question and get a straight answer? Well, our Ask the Experts section provides just that. Experts range from medical, to nutrition, to fitness and even some experienced users who have been there and done that.

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Did you ever want a quick calorie counter or a chicken dish that was easy and healthy? Use our foods and recipes section to look up any type of meal or nutritional value for a food. It's simple and its free.