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Greetings on what has been an exciting week here at Wellki, as we are concentrating specifically on women's health! As a woman, I've had plenty of my friends and family dispense advice on all things related to women's health. However, if there's one piece of advice you should always be adhering to, it's to listen to your own body.

What's The Best Advice?

My female friends and family members are obviously very near and dear to me, but since each and every one of us is different, I try to avoid listening to the specific advice they may give in regards to my health. Basically, you need to do what's good for YOU! You see, everyone has stories about their own life, and how they deal with their bodies. They'll tell you that certain strategies worked for them, and certain other strategies didn't. But the concept to pay attention to there is that they're talking about their own bodies, and their own strategies. This may not be the ones that work for you.

Let's say that you notice that something is different on your body; a lump, a chronic painful area, a mole -- the list is endless. What you shouldn't be doing is asking around to your gal pals for their own (often unprofessional advice). Instead, contact your primary care physician, and let them work with you to figure out what's been changing on your body.

There's No Universal Method

This goes for advice in fitness magazines, websites or videos. Granted, most of the information is fantastic, and works wonders for MANY people! But the real litmus test is how your own body reacts to things such as dieting trends and the latest fitness moves. As was stated earlier, every single person on this planet is different, and it's possible that certain diets don't create identical positive changes in your own body.

Likewise with exercises; some people pick things up much easier than others, so maybe it will take you longer to get to know how to do certain things. Of course, there's also the issue of your own physical capabilities -- are you able to perform that barbell squat without pain or discomfort, or should you be doing a safer alternative? It all comes down to how your own body works, because no matter what age you are, if it's not normal for you, it's not normal!

The Best Tip For Women's Health

Beyond all women being independent from each other, we are also very different than men (obviously). And for that reason, we need different care for many issues. However, the absolute best tip I can give in regards to women's health is to make sure to never skip your yearly physical exams. Nothing is more important than your health, so make sure to pick a good primary care physician, and make sure you're getting everything checked out regularly. This includes bone density tests, eye exams, trips to the OB/GYN, and all other female-specific check ups.

The advice you'll find here on Wellki works best when your body is working optimally. Any time you notice any change, it is very important to be proactive. In many instances, time (or wasting it) can be a matter of living a healthy life, or having to deal with issues. Keep up with your diet and exercise, and make sure to keep checking on Wellki.com for continued updates in the health and fitness world. When dealing with your own body and health, don't every feel that you need to listen to anyone but yourself!





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