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For the cost-conscious individuals out there, I understand wanting to keep a trip to a good salon out of the budget. Thanks to many chain haircut shops out there, it's quite easy to spend very little to get your hair trimmed up. However, wouldn't it be great to relax and reward yourself -- at least every once in a while?

My hair was getting far out of control, beyond the point where I could really do much with it. And just like a lawn that's in dire need of a mowin', it was time to enjoy a rare trip to a fantastic salon. My choice this time was the friendly confines of 526 Salon in St. Paul, MN. Located on a gorgeous stretch of shops and restaurants on Selby Avenue, 526 provides a stylish sense of comfort as soon as you walk inside the doors.

Now, it's not often that I'll head to a place this nice, to get treated even better -- but like I mentioned, it's nice to have a relaxing treat every now and again. Once I met with one of the best stylists at 526, Tara, I knew I my hair was now in the hands of a true professional. Aside from the final product, the absolute greatest pleasure that comes out of a trip to 526 Salon is the shampoo and scalp massage. It's a truly relaxing and wonderful experience that comes along with the hair service, check it out by clicking on the video provided:



With fantastic care, and luxurious comfort such as that, it's comparable to a day at the spa! As a matter of fact, it's so relaxing that it's sometimes hard to stay awake!

Following a quick consultation as to how I normally style my hair, as well as certain looks that I may be going for, I left it up to Tara to do her thing; get rid of the mess on my head, and create a sharp looking haircut. Take a look at the video below, in order to see the steps that Tara took to take me from the wild, unkempt look I came in with, to a hairstyle that you wouldn't believe belongs to the same person. Do yourself a favor next time you're out for a haircut, and opt for a treatment similar to this one. It's certainly an experience that's worth it!


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