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Overlooked Sunbern Areas

Isn't it just wonderful after a long day in the sun, after thinking you covered every inch of your body with good sunblock -- only to wake up the next morning with a painful little red streak across your back. Wonderful indeed! While most people are good at getting the larger areas of the body, there exist some commonly missed body parts that are never fun to get sun burned.

To those of you out there that make it a point to slather on that sun blocking lotion, I commend you for your efforts! It's not a very fun task, but I think we're all agreed that it is of the utmost importance, particularly with the rise of skin cancer. Personally, I just wish there were some way to know which of those little areas of exposed skin still need still get covered. I certainly don't walk around all summer with a personal sunblock attendant!

Before we get to the list of the most overlooked sun burn areas, I'll quickly share with you probably my worst story ever. I thought I had everything covered for beautiful summer day out on the lake, particularly my back, chest, arms, face -- all the staples of sunblock coverage. However, I had forgotten the backs of my knees! Now, normally, this isn't TOO terrible, but this day was just different. I spent hours on my stomach, paddling around the lake on a floating bed, and it turned that exposed area of flesh into a deep red (bordering on PURPLE!). If the pain of the burn wasn't enough, I got to experience a compounded level of burning during every single step I took -- thanks to the knee bend while walking! It was an experience I'll never forget, and an area I certainly won't ever overlook again.

Heed the following advice for your outdoor activities for this weekend's Independence Day celebration, as well as all the rest of the summer! Just be sure to not overlook these areas on your body:


Yes, it's not just a place where bald men have to worry about. There have been plenty of times when I feel I've hit everywhere, but forgot the one spot directly overhead. Even if you have lots of hair, the sun's rays will penetrate through to find any inch of fair skin. Make sure to get a hold of some good, non-greasy sunblock for this area. Unless you enjoy the torturous experience of running a comb through a sun-burned scalp.


Most sunblock varieties these days aren't as greasy or oily as those of year's past. This is probably the main reason people skipped the eyelids, as the lotion would at some point get in your eyes. Since about 10% of skin cancers involve the eye lid area (as well as the fact that it's a difficult area for doctors to treat), make sure you've got some good sunblock to save those precious lids. How much fun would a sunburn be to feel every time you blink?


Similarly to the issue of some lotions being to greasy or oily, most people wash their hands following the application of their sunblock. Even if you choose to wash your hands with newer, better lotions, make sure you're only cleaning your palms. Too often, people suffer from bright-red hands after scrubbing off their lotion, so make sure to leave that stuff alone.

Tops of the Feet

Now, this is definitely a place where I haven't learned my lesson quite yet -- and I'm sure I'm not alone on this area. Just recently at an all-day event, I forgot to apply lotion specifically to this area...again. What I gained from this negligence is a nice sandal outline on my otherwise bright red feet. This is more common in guys, as I'm sure the reason it happens is due to the fact that we generally have lots of leg hair. However, it's not like we all have furry Hobbit's feet, so do a better job than I do, and slather on some lotion to save your feet!

Backs of the Knees

Again, if you read the above details of my awful experience with missing this body part, you'll understand that it's not the most common place to get a burn. However, it may be the most annoying and awful one. The back of the knees, that little pit area, generally doesn't see a lot of sun. Therefore, what's the point of getting lotion on skin that spends most of its time in the shade? Any time you're in the sun, and on your belly, those knees are a target! Like I mentioned, getting a sun burn in this area is the worst, because it feels like you'll never be able to bend your knees again!

That Little Area On Your Back, That One You Just Can't Reach!

...you know which one I'm talking about, right? Whether or not you've developed a contortionist's technique for reaching that little spot in your mid-back, chances are you may not be getting the lotion fully rubbed-in. Next time you're thinking of doing it on your own, I'm ordering you to find anyone that's in arm's reach -- don't care if you know them or not -- and kindly request them to save your skin, and massage in a bit of lotion. Let's all help each other avoid getting burned!


While it may be next to impossible to literally cover every square inch of your entire body, it's important to know that protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays is very important. Not just to make sure that you don't have to suffer the pains of a sun burn, but also in preventing long term skin diseases and cancers. Always do your best job applying lotion, and avoid getting a sun burn!


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