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A large portion of the male population has to engage in an activity that falls under the category of tired, boring routines: shaving. Lately, it's been quite a blessing that beards are coming back in style in a big way, but I'll admit that I kept my beard growing simply because it meant I didn't have to shave as often.

That being said, one other thing that's coming back into fashion is heading to your local barbershop for a nice, relaxing straight razor shave from an experienced barber. And with that in mind, I figured if the beard has to go, it might as well go out in style!

I traveled to the very nice and elegantly laid out Heimie's Haberdashery in downtown St. Paul, MN. Heimie's has been a great choice for men in the area since 1921, with services extending beyond just a shave and a haircut; they also sell all types of men's clothing and accessories. From shirts, ties, hats and travel bags to services such as tailoring, suit fitting and shoe shine, Heimie's Haberdashery offers a classic and stylish experience for men -- one reminiscent of times before strip malls and superstores became the place to shop.

Everyone at Heimie's was cheerful and offered superb service for anything I needed that day. Particularly stylist Dani, who, as you can see by the video below, gave me a calming, relaxing and top notch straight razor shave -- one I wouldn't be able to replicate myself.


The hot towels, warm lather, and pre-shave oil that Dani used to massage and soften up my beard's bristles were such that I had to fight the urge to drift off into a relaxing slumber right there in the chair! She also offered tips and tricks on how to get the best shave while at home, of which I'll be sure to be adding to my shaving routine.

Wellki's Lifestyle section is about giving you the best advice on living well as part of a healthy and fit lifestyle AWAY from the gym. But sometimes it's good to take a break from all of that, to offer up articles on how to get the most out of life. Certainly this includes the occasional periods where you get to treat yourself! Obviously getting a straight razor shave from a master barber isn't something for the everyday needs of the average man, but I must say that sometimes it's good to transform that tired routine into a pampering pleasure!

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