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When it comes to weight loss methods and strategies, there's a lot of static out there and it can be difficult to cut through it all. At the end of the day, the reality we discover is that each person has his or her own circumstances, and different things work in different situations.

Carol Kane, a 44-year-old who lives just outside of Las Vegas, found a plan that worked for her. She was able to shed 20 pounds in four months by adding two simple things to her routine:

Around the same time, she began going for long walks several times per week, and she also began taking Wellki's Pure Raspberry Ketone every day.

Carol says she didn't really exercise before she first ordered the supplement about a year ago, but the purchase motivated her to become more active.

"I wasn't doing anything (before)," she says. "I bought the Raspberry Ketone and started walking. That's when the weight started coming off."

Carol made no changes to her diet, but she started going for long walks outdoors three or four times per week that usually lasted more than an hour and spanned as much as four miles. In combination with the metabolism-boosting qualities of the Pure Raspberry Ketone, the exercise paid major dividends.

This is the kind of story we love hearing. We're confident in the effectiveness of all our products, but in order to get the most out of them, people must take it upon themselves to implement lifestyle changes and attack their weight loss from multiple angles.

Carol did so, and now she has plenty to feel good about.


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