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If there's one thing you absolutely need to be a great cyclist, it's a great set of powerful legs. That, and obviously a bike. But the bike doesn't move, unless you supply the energy. And with that in mind, today's workout utilizes a few simple moves that you can do, using only body weight, to create strong, powerful, and fantastic looking legs.

For all of you out there that swear by barbells and dumbbells, this is a workout that can give you similar brute strength-building benefits, but one that you can do almost anywhere. No weights? No problem -- you can still get a great muscle build from body weight exercises.

The one kicker, however, is you're going to have to incorporate isometric muscle contraction to these exercises. What this means is instead of the classic 'down-up' (concentric-eccentric) motion of an exercise, you're going to be holding a position for a few seconds. This isometric muscle tension grants you the benefits of a muscle burn, without the bulk of the weight.


The Quest For Killer Quads

Keys To The Workout

  • Be sure to warm up for about 5-10 minutes on a cardio machine of your choice. This is done in an effort to warm up the leg muscles for working sets.
  • For each exercise of this workout, there is a little twist -- a kicker -- to help maximize strength building.
  • Do the exercises in order, as part of one big circuit. This will prevent COMPLETELY draining the energy in your quads, as the switch to a different exercise will confuse the muscles.
  • The entire workout should only last you about 20-30 minutes, depending upon how many sets of the circuit you complete.
  • Shoot for at least 3 total circuits to be completed.
  • Between each exercise of a circuit, take 30 seconds of rest -- and no more! That should be about 10-15 deep breaths.
  • Between each circuit of the workout, take anywhere between one and two minutes of rest.


The Workout


Bodyweight Squats

Rep Count: 3

The Kicker

  • Hold each rep for 10 seconds
  • Come out of the 10 second hold by jumping 3 times




Goblet Reverse Lunge

Rep Count: 8 per leg

The Kicker

  • Hold for 5 seconds at the bottom of the lunge, then alternate legs




Side Lunge

Rep Count: 8 per leg

The Kicker

  • Hold for 5 seconds, then alternate sides




Bulgarian Split Squats

Rep Count: 8 per leg

The Kicker

  • Hold for 3 seconds for each rep




Box Jumps

Rep Count: 10

No kicker, this is just to completely drain the leg muscle energy -- if you have any left at this point!




Just those four exercises, back-to-back. The only thing to pay attention to during each exercise is The Kicker. Utilizing the isometric hold for these exercises is going to work wonders for your leg muscles. By working them out regularly, and hard, you'll be smashing any personal records on your way to becoming a great cyclist!


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