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The Wellki Fat Burning Basics is an exercise article series devoted to creating higher intensity weight training workouts. Each article will focus on a workout to boost weight loss through fast-paced, fat burning routines that will both strengthen and shape the specific muscles featured. Today's workout is the Triceps Torching Workout!



Keys To The Workouts:

  • Always perform a small warm up on a cardio machine; the warm-up for this one doesn't have to be any more than five to ten minutes, particularly because this is a shorter, arm-specific workout.
  • Using very light weights, complete a couple sets of triceps extensions and doorknockers, to properly warm up the triceps muscles for the workout.
  • Make sure you're selecting the CORRECT WEIGHTS for you, because whether you're completing eight or 15 reps, you need to be putting forth solid effort in order to best make progress and better strength gains.
  • All four exercises in both workouts are to be completed in order as a circuit. For instance, for Workout A, you would do diamond push ups, then move to a set of decline extensions, followed by a set of skullcrushers, and finishing with bench dips. Once you've completed all four exercises, then go back to the beginning and complete the remaining sets.
  • ONLY allow yourself 30-60 seconds of rest between sets. These are workouts designed to be fast moving, in order to get a cardio/fat burning benefit. Be sure to pay close attention to this timing, because any more time spent diminishes the fat burning aspect of the workout.
  • For that reason, maximize exercise efficiency by keeping weights needed close by. If your gym is crowded, it could be slightly difficult to accomplish this -- therefore try to plan ahead, thinking about possible variations to the exercises listed in these workouts.
  • Finish the workout by completing one of the many Core Finishers, just be sure to make up your mind as to which one you'll do before the workout begins, to best maximize the efficiency of your routine.


The Workout



Exercise Type



Triceps Circuit Close Grip Bench Press 4 12 - 15
  Triceps Skullcrushers   10 - 12 (each arm)
  Triceps Rope Press Downs   12  - 15
  Upward Dogs (or do Bench Dips)   Up to 15


Final Notes

Since the triceps muscles are much smaller and more specific than most of the muscle groups of the body, you'll want to perform a workout such as the one listed above less frequently. Which is to say that it's better to make sure you focus on working out the larger muscle groups (legs, chest, back), which will actually work smaller areas like the biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. Use this triceps exercise plan to specifically target the triceps, cycling between other arm-specific workouts such as biceps and shoulders.

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