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Like many Americans, Rita Brady has a medical issue that prevents her from being able to take pills. Still, she wanted to find a supplement that would help her with her weight loss efforts, so when she came across Slim Spray she was intrigued. 

"I've got a thyroid problem that was preventing me from losing weight," she says. "I thought, I've got to do something because my body's fighting itself. What am I waiting for?"

So the 61-year-old ordered Slim Spray and began carrying a bottle around in her purse, bringing it to work with her and taking a few sprays throughout the day. 

"I was really surprised by how good it tasted," she says. "It tastes like fresh raspberries and it's so sweet."

The taste and the portability made it easy for her to stick with it, and she quickly noticed some changes for the better, telling us that she felt her appetite was lessened and her energy level was raised. She began eating less and going for regular walks, and says she was able to drop 21 pounds in three weeks.

"There's two things that are big for me. It (Slim Spray) helps take away my appetite so I don't think about food, and it helps get rid of the stomach cramps when I don't eat. When I don't take it, I do have those hunger pangs."

With all these different components working in harmony, Rita has been able to find more success than ever in her quest to shed weight. The Slim Spray supplementation and improved habits have all been made possible by an underlying motivation to prove she could do it.

"My doctor's been telling me I can do this," she says. "I'm going to go see him in June and I'm going to shock him."


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