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Melissa Clayton, a 37-year-old woman from Lacombe, LA, has long sought to lose weight, and used to take diet pills with caffeine. She eventually had to stop, she says, because her blood pressure has gotten higher as she's aged and has found the jittery side effects of such supplements tougher to handle.

After hearing from Dr. Oz that Natural Green Coffee can aid with weight loss as well as blood pressure, she decided to order a bottle from Wellki. Now, she tells us that she couldn't be more pleased with that decision.

"I've been taking [Natural Green Coffee] for several months," says Clayton. "I've gone down two pant sizes. It really helps curb my appetite. I've always had a problem with wanting to snack."

Clayton states that her weight was up close to 200 pounds when she began using NGC, and is now down to 166 pounds. She has slimmed from a 16 pant size to a 12. Avoiding the shaky feeling that often comes along with caffeinated substances has been the biggest key for her.

"You don't have that jittery-ness, that 'speed' feeling you get from caffeine," she says. "I learned with high blood pressure you can't take anything like that. I'm so pleased I found something I can take."

Her friends and family have noticed the difference. Clayton is looking thinner and feeling better. She says that in her experience, the positive effects of Natural Green Coffee go beyond the weight loss and visual transformation.

"I find that it's a good detox, and really helps cleanse your system. I'm not tired all the time. It makes a big difference."

These testimonials come from real people who have shared with us their true stories about using Wellki products. We cannot guarantee the same results for all users.

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