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When Julie Pote of Buford, GA, heard about the effectiveness of Pure Raspberry Ketone from Dr. Oz, she decided she would give the product a try. So she went online and ordered a bottle from Wellki.

That was two years and 120 pounds ago.

Julie says she was weighing in at 247 when she first began taking Raspberry Ketone on a regular basis, and today she happily reports that she's down to 125. She's been able to shed all that weight while implementing no changes in her diet or exercise routines. She says she avoids large unhealthy meals ("It's not like I'm sitting down and eating six pancakes") and occasionally goes for walks, but outside of that, she credits Ketone with her tremendous progress.

"As time went by, the pounds went," says Julie. "Once I started taking it, I really started slimming down."

Asked if she felt any different after she began taking the supplement, Julie said that she noticed higher levels of energy with no negative side effects. She feels that the biggest change has been a distinct improvement in her metabolism.

"I had a goal, and once I got to my weight, I stayed there," she says. "The Ketone has been great. I recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight but doesn't have time to exercise."

These testimonials come from real people who have shared with us their true stories about using Wellki products. We cannot guarantee the same results for all users.

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