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When C. Martinez began taking Pure Raspberry Ketone last summer, she weighed in at 211 lbs. Today, she reports that she's down to 127 lbs and feeling better than ever.

A 66-year-old from Broomfield, Colorado, Martinez says she has tried "about everything" in an effort to reach her weight loss goals, but has never had real success with any product in the past. Wellki's Raspberry Ketone was a revelation in this respect, as she's been able to shed more than 70 lbs over the span of about a year and a half.

"I feel a lot better, and I look great," she says. "I've got some hangy skin, but that will go away."

Martinez says that one of the things she likes best about taking the Pure Raspberry Ketone is that she's been able to lose weight while sticking to her existing routine exactly. "I haven't done anything different," she says, adding that she does occasionally participate in jazzercise but otherwise doesn't work out and hasn't changed her eating habits at all.

As you might expect following such a dramatic body shift, Martinez says her friends often don't recognize her, not that she minds. The only downside? Her old wardrobe has become useless. "I've gone through two full closets of dress sizes. And my husband doesn't care!"

Surely he's just happy to see his wife looking and feeling great. For her part, Martinez says that she's fully satisfied and eager to spread the word. "I keep telling people how well it works," she says. "In fact, I'm giving the next bottle I receive to a friend so she can see for herself."

These testimonials come from real people who have shared with us their true stories about using Wellki products. We cannot guarantee the same results for all users.

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