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Bob Henderson wanted to lose weight, but was struggling to find time for an exercise regiment due to his extremely busy work schedule. Bob runs his own pest control company and services around eight houses per day, leaving little time for workouts. He also admits to an unhealthy habit -- filling up a 64 oz. mug of Dr. Pepper each day before hitting the road for work, and drinking it as he goes along.

A 60-year-old resident of Houston, TX, Bob was at the highest weight of his life at 245 lbs. He knew he needed to make a change. So three months ago, he began taking Wellki's Pure Raspberry Ketone supplement. While sticking to his normal eating patterns and maintaining his Dr. Pepper vice, Bob reports that he has dropped 30 pounds during this span, slimming from 245 lbs to 215 lbs. 

Bob takes the Ketone each night before bed, and says that has been the only change in his routine. He's still unable to get to the gym while regularly working 12-hour days, but says that the supplement has made a huge difference and he's noticed it most in his waistline.

"That's the biggest difference is I never had to wear a belt, now if I don't wear a belt my pants will fall right off my hips," Bob told us. "I never could dream of doing that before."

This transformation has been possible without changing his non-existent workout schedule or giving up his beloved daily sodas.

"All my kids are out of the house, so all I do is work," he says. "And that's what I enjoy."

Now, he's able to do what he enjoys and lose weight while doing it, thanks to Pure Raspberry Ketone

These testimonials come from real people who have shared with us their true stories about using Wellki products. We cannot guarantee the same results for all users.

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