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At this time of the year, many people can benefit from your fitness -- not just you! Because we exercise and keep fit, we can help others who are not as fortunate. 


Many of you might be wondering how fitness and nutrition can help others. It seems like such a personal initiative.
The No. 1 way to utilize our bodies and minds is to VOLUNTEER! We have so many disabled veterans who cannot go shopping, because of their handicap(s).These veterans, who have served our country to keep us safe, can't push their own wheelchairs, can't drive and/or may not have the money to hire someone to help them. Here is where we come in.
Contact a local agency and find vets that may be in dire need of a companion. Sometimes, just having some company is enough. But when it's not, we can push the grocery cart, we can reach for a tall item, we can drive those who are unable. The basic philosophy is that "we can"! We are in good physical and mental shape and someone else can benefit from that. This can apply to the elderly, to the poor, or to any one who does not have our physical capabilities.

As we look at the nutrition aspect, we can make healthy meals or take people to places where they can either buy or be served foods that actually help their bodies. Many people -- including our American vets, senior citizens, or the physically disabled -- do not eat properly. This could be the result of not being able to cook or not having the money to buy food. We can help educate on proper eating habits and set the right example.
Our time, our bodies and our knowledge can greatly help out friends, young and old. Our value and their needs are endless. We can help individuals and families to know what to eat, and that they are not alone.  We tend to think of this at holiday time, but this is an ongoing challenge!

So, when you are at the gym, do one more push-up and build those muscles. This will benefit you and anyone that needs that push in the wheelchair or a helping hand to stand up and walk around.  Our healthy bodies will always help us and could change someone's life in a very positive way!

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