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A gluten-free Thanksgiving may sound like a daunting challenge, but it's really possible! The dinner that we wait for all year can be put together in way that's safe for people with allergies or sensitivities to the pervasive protein composite.

When we think of this feast, we typically think of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls and -- of course -- pumpkin pie! You can always add some green beans or a vegetable of choice and the meal is complete. Serving all these foods while avoiding gluten can seem overwhelming, but it's actually quick and easy! 

When purchasing a turkey, you can buy any fresh bird that does not have any added ingredients. such as broth, spices or additives.  Also, never use the gravy that might come with it!

Once you have picked out your turkey, you need to make stuffing.  As we know, stuffing is simply bread and seasoning. A tasty GF stuffing calls for stale GF bread and seasoning of your choice. You can then add butter, mushrooms and/or onions. If you don't want to take that much time, you can find pre-packaged GF stuffing. You can add your own "touches" to that also. Seasoning mix is great but fresh seasonings will always win over the crowd. 

Don't forget the gravy! Using the drippings from the turkey is always delicious, but thicken it with a blended mixture of two tablespoons of water and two tablespoons of corn starch. Adjust this amount according to the amount of gravy and the thickness that you prefer.

So, now that we have gravy, we have to create mashed potatoes. Our go-to potatoes are boxed and are really quite good.  However, nothing really beats a homemade version made from real potatoes. Once you have mashed your potatoes, add in organic butter and milk and blend until they are the consistency that you desire. As mentioned, there are GF boxed potatoes that will work and amaze your guests.

Nothing beats a cranberry sauce made from fresh cranberries.  So delicious. Of course there are canned Ocean Spray Cranberries that are very tasty also.  The only ingredients should be the cranberries and sugar or Truvia, to taste. If this is being made in another kitchen, caution tells us to watch out for cross-contamination from can openers, spoons, plastic bowls, etc. This can be a concern, as it does happen.

Did we forget rolls? This is always a highlight of the dinner. We are fortunate that there are many GF rolls available to us. Be sure and check out brands like Ener-G, Udi's, Schar and New Grains B rolls. Easy and delicious. If you have the time and the desire, you can always make gluten-free rolls from scratch.

Last, but too good to leave out, is pumpkin pie. Let's keep this easy. Buy a GF pie crust; they are available at most grocery stores. Here is a link for a recipe to fill that crust. 

Enjoy your gluten-free Thanksgiving meal, without giving up any wonderful taste!  Happy eating!

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